Mihau Pollak

Bild-Collagen und Malerei

Eröffnung 18.04.2015 – 18:00
Abschluss 09.05.2015 – 18:00

Lesung: 25.04.2015 – 19:00

– Anne-Sophie Nagels
– Mihau Pollak
– Lena Vöcklinghaus
– Philipp Winkler


Samstag und Sonntag
von 14:00 bis 18:00Uhr

The works presented here are (almost) all handmade papercollages made from old books I`ve found and collected. I started making collages in August 2014 and since then made about 400 pictures that are all featured on my blog http://godfatherrabbit.blogspot.de/. Hope you like some of them and thanks for taking a look